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Wednesday, March 20th @ 1PM Central
Nashville, TN
- Capitol Steps Behind Beth Harwell Plaza


Everyone Sees The Illegal Alien Crisis in TN... Yet GOP Leadership Does Nothing at the State-Level?

Initial Speakers As Of 3.6.24

Sen. Janice Bowling

District 16

Rep. Bryan Richey

District 20

Brandon Lewis

Founder, Tennessee Conservative News

Rep. Jody Barrett

District 69

Sen. Mark Pody

District 17

Chris Spencer

District 18 Senate Candidate

Rep. Gino Bulso

District 61

Steve Abramowicz

Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast

Rebecca Day

Moms for Liberty, Hamilton Co.

Pamela Furr

Americans for Prosperity Tennessee


Stay tuned...


Stay tuned...

Illegal Immigration Costs Tennessee Tax Payers Almost $1 Billion Each Year!

Take a Stand... Before It's Too Late!